Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Love Story

so your sayin theres a chance
she fell to his feet
begging without pride
humbled by his honesty
wondering why
status update
oh yea, just wasnt right

mistaken and confused
she will be justified
smile today
new profile pic
moving forward
better forgotten
chapters missing
although the story continues

refresh page
de-friended, really?
her anger now in control
deep dark places
wishing his face would disappear
leaving no visible traces

mind wanders
paths paved
with Julys shadows
shes been here before today
too many times to say
definitely the same right she always takes

a pile of pieces
broken and able
willing to please
hes holding the upper hand
while shes down on her knees

used and bruised
she has to stand
wanting to fall
ambitions lost
he fumbles with her heart
as she walks away knowing
she cant play that part

days collect
tears fade
regrets replace memories
a new friend request
tightly gripping her sanity
ever so tentatively
....shes accepts.

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